Tuesday 17 February 2015

The Westend-House

In 1978 the Westend-House was blown up to give place to the new, MODERN (also called: socialist) cityscape.

The enormous overpass was built in 1981 and the even bigger Skála Metró in 1984.

Some utopistic-fantastic plans for the area

How to investigate an underpass - a BUPAP Walking School Excercise


Stand still for 10 minutes

look around and answer some questions:

why have you chosen that exact spot to stand on?
what are the interesting events and objects?
how is your behaviour changing due to this task?
are certain emotions emerging while performing this task?


Count as many things as possible in another 10 minutes

what is countable, what is incountable?
have you found things that are only in one?
what happens to the things being counted?
how do you change your movement in the space while counting?

Monday 9 February 2015

The most terrible episode of the Western Railway Station - 1962. october 4.

"It was a big hurry just as many times before - remembered station chief Markó, a man with exceptional adaptability as he was the head of the Station from 1950 until 1969 - A Truman 411 locomotive entered the hall on the No. IV. track with 10 four wheeled passenger cars. 
Due to the lack of space and time in the Western Station - everything was urgent. 
So was it again. In the big hurry they have forgot to attach the air brakes. Shunting with nearly 40 kilometres per hour speed when the emergency pipe of the locomotive was heard. 
The first tower's staff heard it and assumed - all the passengers and railway workes must be alarmed. One worker dispatched the people from the end of the track and an other one - wisely - from the front side pavement. The unstoppable power of the 500 tons car fell on the track closing bracket, and braking through the front wall it stopped on the boulevard. Only one woman got hurt. "

The Western Railway Station is 100 Years Old, edited by: József Gergely and József Koncz, 1977, publisher: The Hungarian National Railways - Western Railway Committee of the Hungarian Socialist Workers Party